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Sale / Discount - RIESTER Nova-Presameter Desk

Pengukur tekanan darah (tensi) jenis air raksa, merk NOVA RIESTER type Presameter

Akurasi tinggi, handal dan mewah.
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Long-lasting mercury sphygmomanometer as a desk model in a rugged metal case with a two-tone finish in light gray / black. The metal faceplate with easy-to-read scale, the practical bulb support and the chromium-plated metal parts bear witness to stylish workmanship and maximum precision. Also optionally available in a latex-free version (when ordering enter LF for latex-free in front of the article code).

Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mmHg
99.99% pure mercury
Precision glass column Internal diameter 4.2 mm +/- 0.2 mm
Latex bulb with chromium plated release valve
Precision air release valve, wear-free and with fine regulation
Microfilter for long life
Cuff with two-tube latex bladder
Metal faceplate with easy-to-read scale up to 300 mmHg
Mercury lock
Special seal against mercury contamination
Large storage compartment for cuff + latex bulb
Cleaning device for glass column

Harga: Rp.1.437.500
Harga: Rp.1.300.000
Hemat: Rp.137.500

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